Who are we?

Moniees.ca is operated and owned by The NK Business Development Company.


Moniees.ca was created by the directors of The NK Business Development 

Company as a means of providing remedial printing services to small and 

large Canadian businesses, services that will help them become more 

sustainable. Moniees.ca is a brand and a domain. The goal of the brand is to 

provide sustainably printed/custom products and services. The goal of 

Moniees.ca as a domain is to give business clients access to our ESG related 

services in various services online. 


"I have always been pro-capital, though, not at the detriment of society and 

the world we live in. By founding The NK Business Development Company, I 

hope to help change the world for the better, to aspire future entrepreneurs 

to chase their financial dreams while also helping make the world a better 



Joshua Nkennor


The NK Business Development Company


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